Academic research

Following the traditions established in 1970-s by Scandinavian Institutes for Administrative Research (SIAR) – the leading Scandinavian management consultancy at that time, Strategica in partnership with SIAR Foundation is carrying out academic research on essential subjects of management science, including:

1. Strategy formation
2. Power of people in implementing change
3. Corporate governance

Linked to international academic circles, we aim at enriching management science by researching critical management issues through the prism of our practical consulting experience.

We are delighted to share our findings and the results of our research with the academic and business community. The book "Strategy Through People" by Alexander Martirosyan was published in the United States in 2006.

The book delves into how companies achieve economic success while developing healthier business environments and encouraging collaboration between people. Using real-life examples and observations the author thoughtfully builds the case of how businesses can increase the value of their external contributions. Markets are competitive, Martirosyan points out, but they should also be collaborative.

A purpose-driven company organized around people, is capable of delivering superior results regardless of the times and situations. Being a purposeful business requires a major cultural shift, which serves to make people the co-owners and the beneficiaries of a company's accomplishments. The best way to invest in the future, Martirosyan concludes, is by strengthening the network of ethical relationships today.

"What I find most interesting with the book is that I see it as an interesting contribution to the integration of strategy, business and people, written from a new position/ perspective/ the east european/ Russian perspective…Interesting for Russians but also for Europeans interested in understanding Russian experiences on strategy"
Per-Hugo Skävad, Professor, Department of Business Administration, University of Lund

"I immensely like the central message, which I think it is a very important one… playing sustainable plus-sum games depends on the human environment. Conversion of people is a very slow business which is equivalent to raising the moral capital of the community. There are always cynics, free riders and bad apples around. That's why we need control, but it should not be preventive. People must be allowed to learn by honest mistakes."
Gustav von Hertzen, MSc, Ph.D. (Hon), Former President of Cultor OY

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