Strategic Investment

Our corporate finance capabilities encompass mergers, acquisitions, partnerships, divestitures and development of financing schemes. Different from traditional corporate finance consultancies and investment bankers, we make an in-depth assessment of transaction fit with client's strategic objectives.

It is a strategic implication of the deal which is central, rather than the transaction by itself.

Being a member of CDI Global network, which unites over forty M&A companies on four continents, Strategica focuses on cross-border transactions. In cases of acquisition transaction we are dedicated to help our clients accomplish effective post-acquisition integration to realise growth momentum and unlock strategic potential of the integrated organisation.

Companies resort to M&A in a pursuit of synergies, affluence and growth. Yet relatively few cases deliver sustainable value for stakeholders and non-speculative economic benefits. We bring to investors our knowledge, experience and resources to materialize purposeful and economically viable strategy through acquisitions.

Our special focus and capabilities are set on acquisitions of non-listed medium-sized Russian companies, which have a clear potential for leadership and a clear business transformation outlook. We call them "entrepreneurial gems" or "new wave" companies formed as industrial start-ups through the nineties. Typical challenges we have learned to deal with effectively, which relate to this category of potential acquisition targets are as follows:

Our approach comprises four integral phases

Strategica's 4 integral phases approach