Our Clients Say ...


"[...] The consultants now representing the core team of Strategica significantly contributed to our success by assisting us in design and implementation of the expansion strategy, accomplishment of acquisition, post-merger integration of our Russian subsidiaries and provision of local business expertise. The consultants demonstrated a high degree of professionalism, partnership spirit, accountability and problem-solving approach, which was the basis for our long-term successful co-operation. [...]"
Henrik Therman, former CEO of Baltic Beverages Holding, Member of Board of Directors of Scottish&Newcastle Plc.


"[...] Strategica helped us assess business opportunities in the Russian marketplace, select the right local candidates for acquisition by Fazer, structure and close the acquisition deal, and then expand our Russian operation further. We appreciate the work done for us by Strategica, and consider them as competent and reliable management consultants. [...]"
Paul Taimitarha, Managing Director of Fazer Bakeries


"[...] The local team of consultants ... made a significant contribution to our success of our Russian project. It was a pleasure to work with the gentlemen involved due to their professionalism, accountability, drive and flexibility. [...]" Peter Knauer, former Managing Director of Cadbury Russia

"[…] The best team I’ve ever worked with […]"
Brian Rogers, Project Manager, Cadbury Schweppes


"[...] We regard Strategica as our trusted advisor and potential partner in further development of our business … We recommend Strategica as competent and reliable consultants to those companies which are looking for support in Russia. [...]"
Jan-Martin Börman, President of VEHO