Greenfield Business Building

We developed an in-house approach to building value for investors "going Greenfield"

Starting a business from scratch in Russia may still sound daunting for potential investors. Many companies automatically resort to acquisition as they feel more comfortable with or used to this way of expansion.
Yet in the reality the potential for value-creating acquisition in your particular segment may virtually be zero. At the same time the fears of costs and timing of a Greenfield project may be somewhat exaggerated or come from people, who for various reasons had experienced mainly the dark side of the matter.

Investors usually face typical deterrents when considering Greenfield :

Recommending a Greenfield option comes as a result of a thorough analytical approach taking into account all the reasonable alternatives, risks and benefits for your company. Our methodology, experience and skills allow efficient dealing with the principal deterrents and achieve superior positive impact on your business value:

While embarking on a Greenfield with Strategica you build your strategic assets and capabilities simultaneously. By the time your facility is commissioned you will be also fully equipped with the required tools, functional strategies and knowledge for fast and profitable growth. The following Greenfield advantages should outweigh the potential benefits of an opportunistic acquisition:

Examples of referenced Greenfield projects of Strategica team members

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