Your contributing Partner for creating sustainable value

Strategica is an independent partnership dedicated to providing professional services to senior management and active owners of large and medium-sized international companies pursuing profitable growth in Russia, the Former Soviet Union and international markets.

Combining comprehensive skills in strategy consulting, corporate finance and business integration, Strategica delivers:

Our collective knowledge, skills and professional intuition have sharpened through years of learning and working together with clients, partners and colleagues. The multicultural background and “hands-on” approach form solid foundations for our professional integrity and problem-solving capabilities, which are required to facilitate and catalyze your strategy formation and implementation process.

We do not cook secret recipes of success to impress you as a client, but we seek to have you impressed with your own organisational accomplishments like never before.

Strategica is developing as a distinct player in the Russian consulting industry focusing on a genuine partnership with purposeful investors thinking as leaders and innovators in their field. These investors have long-range value-creating objectives and compelling business ideas regardless of size or industry.

To excel in this role we continuously do our best to combine global reach with unique local expertise, tailored service offerings and effective methodologies. But above all that we make sure that every team member in Strategica is a competent partner you can trust.

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