Our Guiding Principles

  • ETHICAL RELATIONSHIPS. We seek fairness and practice good partnership principles in everything we do internally or externally on our projects.
  • RESULTS. We take pride in delivering extraordinary, measurable and sustainable results. No result = no pride = no purpose.
  • EXCELLENCE. We foster excellence in our performance continuously. Past achievements help us immensely but are not relied on.
  • TEAMWORK. Our teamwork multiplies the power of the client’s people. Teamwork means fair play, trust, clear individual roles and common objectives.
  • COMMITMENT. We are committed to our clients’ purpose and completely honest in our pursuit of success. We do not take an engagement if we do not believe in it.
  • RESPECT. We ensure trust in doing business with our clients and nurture respect. Respect encourages individual contribution, diversity, non-judgmental atmosphere and open exchange of ideas.
  • ENTHUSIASM. We generate enthusiasm in project teams and client’s organizations to exceed expectations.
  • FUN. Fun is an essential motivator for achieving exciting results. We can not deliver if we do not enjoy the process as it takes most of our active lifetime.
  • SIMPLICITY. We reduce complexity through relentless pursuit of analytical insights, focusing on the core issues. Harnessing complexity means higher efficiency in strategic decision-making. Superior results in a simple form - easy to grasp and implement - faster and higher positive impact.
  • INDEPENDENCE. Our advice is free from vested interests or political issues. We stay independent from power games and authoritarian opinions.