Our track record spans over a decade of achievements on international consulting engagements

Strategica's history

Strategica's roots go back to 1991, when SIAR-Bossard (since 1997 part of Gemini Consulting) founded its office in St. Petersburg, Russia.

From the outset, our mission has been to help international companies design and implement winning strategies in the emerging markets of the former Soviet Union.

The early experience of our team in Russia can be attributed to the "three steps model" (see image below) for investors going East: from market opportunity identification, through in-depth feasibility study and entry strategy formulation to seamless implementation and functional improvements.

The Three Steps Model

Strategica's founding Partners were among the pioneers of consulting direct foreign investors in Russia, then a notoriously "wild country" with no clear rules to follow and posing unique business challenges.

Strategica's team thus inherited a unique cultural background and captured collective knowledge accumulated from close cooperation with foreign investors and their Russian stakeholders.

Strategica's core capability today is collaborative generation of analytical insights and turning them into key opportunities to arrive at winning Business Ideas. As the next step we convert ideas into clear business development steps for delivering superior results.