Maxim Skobtsov
Co-Founder, Partner and Managing Director
Maxim Skobtsov has over 20-years experience in management consulting, specialising in strategy consulting, M&As, post-acquisition business integration and greenfield business building.

Prior to founding Strategica in 2000, Maxim worked five years as Project Manager at Gemini Consulting (later Capgemini). Affiliated with Gemini's Strategy Practice he managed and co-ordinated projects related to development and implementation of growth strategies for multinational companies investing in Russia and FSU countries.

Before that, he worked as Consultant at SIAR-Bossard, the leading Scandinavian and French consulting Group at that time, and participated in engagements related to helping international entrants exercise early-mover advantages in Russia.

Among Maxim's reference sectors are consumer products, retail and distribution, building materials, automotive and parts, petrochemicals, manufacturing industries and engineering services.

Maxim graduated from St. Petersburg State University in 1993 (M. Sc. Econ.). A citizen of the Russian Federation, he is a native speaker of Russian and speaks fluent English.
Alexander Martirosyan
Co-Founder and Partner
Since 1994, Alexander Martirosyan worked as a Consultant at SIAR-Bossard, since 1996 - as Senior Consultant and Project Manager for Strategy wing of Capgemini (Gemini Consulting) Global CRD practice (Consumer products retailing and distribution). In December 2000 co-founded Strategica.

Alexander managed strategy engagements in Russia, France, Holland and Nordic countries.

His areas of professional expertise include strategy formation for profitable growth, acquisitions and post-acquisition integration management for non-listed private companies, design of national sales and distribution programs for channels' domination and brand leadership in developing markets. Alexander mostly worked in such industrial sectors as food, packaging, pulp and paper, household appliances and automotive components.

Alexander holds a degree in Finance from Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance. He also studied literature and languages in Saint Petersburg State University. Alexander is fluent in English, French and Russian (native). As author of the book 'Strategy through People' ( he analyzes some of his Clients' lessons on the way to profitable and purposeful growth in Russia.